Importance of Social Media Presence   November 20th, 2012

 Importance of Social Media Presence

There is a strong chance that half the population is engaged in some kind of social media activity even as you read this. Social media presence is the new form of connect now, both in the personal and professional lives of the average global citizen. Most leading businesses have already developed strong social media oriented marketing strategies. Apart from offering wider and more accessible audiences and huge cost savings there are other factors which contribute to the new media wave.
Industry Statistics*

Almost 94% of leading businesses have integrated social networks in their marketing strategies and have also aligned their sales platform in accordance to social media trends.

Close to 60% marketing strategists are spending time equal to a full working day on working out social media business utilization strategies.
A chunk of the youth, spend an average of 10 hours per week networking on social media platforms.


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Private investigator   October 13th, 2012

 Our new client is

Private invetigators company from Calgary

Phone: 1-800-524-6080 (North America)
Fax: 1-403-770-8416
International: 1-403-512-6772
Calgary Phone: 1-403-512-6772

Persons who are paid to gather facts, working for individuals or groups when in need of investigatory law services are called private investigator, private detective or inquiry agent.


They are often found to work for attorneys in civil cases, financial institutions, credit collection services or insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims. Also you can find them often doing investigation of searching for evidence of adultery in cases of establish grounds for a divorce. Usually his job is to find proof of wrongdoing and conduct thorough investigations. Techniques of doing this are some as getting useful information from witnesses and bystanders, tailing witnesses, taking do pictures, looking for clues that may have been overlooked.

Private investigator are required to be licensed, they may or may not carry firearms but all depending on local laws. Based on their background and training many investigators choose to focus on a specific field of investigation.

There are lot of different profiles working as private detectives, from ex-police officers, former law enforcement agents, ex-spies, ex-military personal to people that used to work at private military company, former bodyguards and security guards. Investigator may investigate criminal matters but they do not have police powers and are only in power of conducting citizen's arrest.

PI's must have great knowledge of law and need to take care when doing investigation so they can remain in scope of law, less not face criminal charges. Surveillance work is also big part of Private investigators work, and it is part of job that require lot of irregular hours.

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Pinterest is here   September 9th, 2012

 One more serious player in social media.


They have 5 million users already, and generating lot s traffic to blogs and web sites.

Picture are most common content, so find one and share with other guys. It is become strong marketing tool to for your company. Explore Pinterest, it is worth it.

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 Techniques for Laser Hair Removal

C-3 1500 Hornby Street (at Beach Ave.)
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P9
Tel: 604-738-6245

At Absolutely Fabulous we use the LightSheer Duet system for all of our laser hair removal treatments. The technique is different from other treatments, because it is much faster, more accurate and less painful. The result is permanent hair reduction in just a few treatments.
Our system uses vacuum-assist technology removes unwanted hair quickly and comfortably, without any anesthetic or messy gel. The instrument is amazingly precise, and we adjust it to target just the hair follicle. This means your skin is less affected by the treatment. Our clinicians calibrate the lasers to suit your specific hair and skin type, so you can be sure the system is set just for you.

Techniques for Laser Hair Removal

The risk of infection with the LightSheer Duet system is very low. Nothing penetrates the skin, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria. The hand-piece is designed to cool the skin, so irritation will be very minimal. And because the system is so accurate and efficient, your treatment will be over faster than you ever though possible!
Our techniques mean more comfort, better results, and more convenience for you. What’s not to like? Let us explain our techniques during your free consultation.

Techniques for Laser Hair Removal

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 Guca Serbia Trumpet Festival 2012

If you want to prepare yourself for visit to Guča Serbia Trumpet Festival, Android application GucApp is the best way for that.

Buy application for only $3 (that much will cost 2 beer in Guca)

Balkan madness and brass bands as you’ve never known them. The annual brass festival in Guča has been going since 1961 and is one of the wildest festivals in Europe. 300,000 people descend on the village of Guča, home to just 3,000 inhabitants.

For jazz trumpeter Miles Davis Guča was an ear-opener.
For four days, there’s feasting on spit-roasted lamb and pork, alcohol a plenty and some 40 brass bands playing the local dances – the kolo and the čoček. Brass bands are big in the Balkans, some featuring Serbian musicians, other Gypsies. At Guca Serbia Trumpet Festival 2012 you hear the best – Boban Markovic, Serbia’s most celebrated trumpeter, is a regular visitor and has frequently won the Golden Trumpet prize. Aside from the concerts and competitions, much of the fun is to be had in the streets - eating, drinking and dancing around the tables till the small hours. You can find accommodation within the village, and enjoy two full days at the festival, with time to explore Belgrade at the end. It’s an unrivalled opportunity to experience the biggest, brassiest and Balkanist festival in Europe. Transfers from airport are very easy to find and people are very warm and friendly.

There are few hotels in Guca and good infromation you can find in Android application GucApp that is avaible on Google Play. Also android application GucApp can give you other information like weather forecast, important phones and lots of more.

Around Guča you can find very interesting places to visit. In Ovcar Kablar gorge runs river Morava and there is a lots of monasteries called „Serbian Holy Mountain“.
As the name suggests, the region also has some fine Orthodox monasteries, dating back to the fifteenth century.

If you have travelled to Zlatibor or perhaps on to Montenegro you’ve probably stopped in the Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge for coffee, or at the very least told your passengers to look out of the window. As you drive, the gorge opens up to give an impressive view of meanders in the river.
But the Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge has more to offer than what you can see through you car window.The 16km long gorge, carved by the Zapadna Morava river between the mountains of Ovcar and Kablar, and the surrounding area form a national park. At its deepest point, the river is well over 600m below the peaks of Kablar and Ovcar on either side.

The river flows lazily through the mountains. Two artificial ox bow lakes and numerous tributaries which wind down from the sides of the gorge are also worth exploring. The lakes are great for fishing, and one of them - Medjuvrsje is one of the most popular fishing sites in the country, giving up tens of kilos of carp to patient fisherman every day.
The banks of the lakes are peppered with wooden houses, which range from small cabins through to constructions that wouldn’t be out of place in a smart area of Belgrade. Some of them are actually on the water, and staying there is the right decision if you want to take some rest from the hassles of modern life.

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SEO Toronto   May 7th, 2012


SEO Toronto

SEO process is long and costly, but with right execution will make your investment profitable. ROI is 200 -300%.
Smart Ad Toronto is SEO based in Toronto Ontario. We are helping our clients to make profit from their web presence. We can help you to.

SEO Toronto

Internet presence it s essential this days. You have to be on the first page on Google , to be able to generate some business from the we. Still lots people didnt realise this fact. SEO should be integral part in your business plan and execution.

SEO Toronto

Search engine optimization (SEO) could make your web site is working for you. Give us a call for free quote for your business.
SEO Toronto


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Raw food restaurants Toronto   May 7th, 2012


Raw food restaurants Toronto

Free shipping on retail orders over $100 in Canada or pre-order and pick-up at either our Toronto or Barrie location. Visit us online for more info. Upaya Naturals.
This days more and more people searching for raw food restaurant, There is some help.
Rawlicious –
3092 Dundas St W (w. of Keele), 416-551-3161
A living foods (raw) cafe, featuring delicious smoothies, salads, wraps, pastas, breakfasts and desserts. Beautiful airy ambiance. Alternative health practices. >>Full listing
WOW (Wild Organic Way) –
22 Carden St. Guelph (west of Toronto), 519-766-1701
Jessica emailed to say: “There is a new raw vegan restaurant in Guelph. I’ve eaten there and it’s amazing – especially the quesadilla and raspberry chocolate cake.”
SuperSprouts & Remedy Café -
720 Bathurst St,
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R4
PH: 416.977.7796

Raw food restaurants Toronto

Raw food restaurants Toronto

Earth & City O
At Earth & City, we use all vegan and mainly raw ingredients. Our food is inspired by local and seasonal offerings, and we choose organic whenever possible. We offer a savoury menu created with fresh, plant-based produce from variousOntariofarms, and delicious raw desserts made with raw nuts, seeds, fruit, and natural sweetners. We also provide catering and pick-up orders. Please visit our website for information

Raw food restaurants Toronto

Upaya Naturals
Canada’s largest source for organic, raw food. Get your Kitchen equipment: blenders, juicers, dehydrators, spiralizers, sprouters; Plus superfoods, herbs, protein powders, skin care, dental care, books, DVD’s & more all in one place. Looking for raw ice cream, kelp noodles and other hard to find items? We retail and wholesale these and hundreds of other products.

Toronto organic food market   May 7th, 2012

Toronto organic food market

There is few vendors who is cooking in the front of you beautiful meals (mmm smell goooood), you may have organic cafe, organic cookie, well all organic.
Organic food market – farms Toronto
Where is this organic heaven.
Waldorf private school in Thornhill.
9100 Bathurst St
Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7
just north from hwy 407
One nice place when you can buy organic food in Toronto (Thornhill). Every Saturday from 9 -1pm you can find lots farmers, organic food manufacturers, and people who is in love in organic food. You can buy fresh vegetables, meat, honey..
Organic food you can consume to.

Toronto organic food market

Toronto organic food market

Organic food market – farms Toronto
Where is this organic heaven.
Waldorf private school in Thornhill.
9100 Bathurst St
Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7
just north from hwy 407

Toronto organic food market

Rent apartment in Belgrade Serbia   April 19th, 2012

Rent apartment in Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade apartment short term rental. SAVE 20 % on Downtown Belgrade from Euro 39, wi-fi, extremly clean. Great prices. Call +381 64 194 8907.
Belgrade is great city to visit. Night life, friendly people, history, beautiful nature close by. You should go there. You can stay in hotels (which are not on the cheap side) But there is lots apartments for rent in Belgrade, For short terms up to 30 days , you can rent apartments. Its for as low as 29 Euro a night, here :

Rent apartment in Belgrade Serbia

They got from small (up to 3 people) to up to 8 person apartments. All apartments is downtown Belgrade. You don’t need to rent a car in Belgrade If you are in downtown, everything is walking distance.
Rent apartment in Belgrade Serbia

Rent apartment in Belgrade Serbia

Apartments in Belgrade for short term rental are not price , but give you everything you need, Comfort, safety (yes they are very safe), Free internet. What else you need.
Call them to book your room today.

Short term rent Belgrade   April 19th, 2012


Short term rent Belgrade

Great service. Contact us.
Need to stay in Belgrade Serbia few days, week ... Great solution to your accommodation is Belgrade apartments for short term rental. Best pick for us is : All their apartments are in heart of downtown Belgrade, 5 minute walk from everything.

Short term rent Belgrad

Short term rent Belgrade

Short term rent Belgrade

Apartments for 2 to up to 8 person to share. It s great way to explore this part of Europe, if you are on tight budget. You will get great accommodation, and LOW PRICES as well.