How to move Yahoo ppc to Microsoft Ad Center   October 3rd, 2010

Bing and Yahoo are now using AdCenter as their search-advertising platform. The Microsoft service will also be overseeing the search advertising marketplace, counting the API platform for bid management as well as reporting tools for SEMs and major search marketers.

Account history will, however, not be carried over from Yahoos platform to adCenter in the transition. Despite that, Yahoo will still be providing access to the next 13 months of the previous accounts history and reporting following the transfer.

In light of the transitory phase, advertisers deciding to create new accounts on adCenter have been advised to reestablish their account and keyword histories. The marketplace will naturally shift when the traffic in Yahoo is included to Bing, which is why they need to keep track and optimize their accounts to make sure that everything will run without a hitch.

To start moving Yahoo PPC accounts to adCenter, take the following steps:

Log in to your Yahoo Search Marketing account, and review the Transition Checklist to make your transition to adCenter run efficiently as well as the Feature Comparison Guide to introduce you to adCenters capabilities and features.

After you have logged in, you will see a new tab called "adCenter." Before going there, you must first review the Compatibility Report and patch up incompatibilities between the adCenter platform and your Yahoo campaigns.

Start your transition to adCenter by creating a new account in the platform, or indicate that you own an existing adCenter account. You may want to use the transition tool to duplicate your campaigns at Yahoo over to the new platform. Take note that your campaigns will have the same status when they were still in your previous account.

Lastly, continue operating your Yahoo account. The completion of the transition is expected to start in mid-October and end at the end of the same month. Within that time, the traffic from your Yahoo account will decrease and your adCenter account traffic will increase. Until then, you should still actively use your Yahoo account to have your ads appear on Yahoo and or on any of its partner sites.

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Dragan Stojanovic

Google Advertising Professional

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