Mobile Google Ad Sitelinks – improvement for mobile ads   October 18th, 2010

  Google announced this week that it has launched a version of its Ad Sitelinks feature suitable for mobile devices such as iPads and Smartphones ( iPhone, Samsung etc with Android platform ).

Currently, one or two-line Sitelinks will appear on these devices, each with the ability to direct customers to different areas of the brand’s website.

The feature enables brands to provide many different landing page options with their online advertising.

Mobile ad increased the clickthrough rates of advertisers by more than 30 per cent since introduction a year ago.

Now this feature is available for mobile devices . Ad Sitelinks was now available across the world for all pay per click online marketing campaigns using high-end mobile devices.


“Because websites may not yet be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, navigating them to find information can be more difficult,” Google officials said.

“Mobile Ad Sitelinks help by taking users directly to the specific content they’re looking for, enabling them to find information and complete transactions more quickly.”

Google announced some business numbers for 3 rd quarter 2010.
Google’s net income stood at a $2.17 billion between July and September 2010, up from $1.64 billion during the same period in 2009.

Revenue from pay per click services for Google sites and AdSense partners rose by 16 per cent year-on-year and was four per cent higher compared with the second quarter.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt commented: “Our core business grew very well and our newer businesses – particularly display and mobile – continued to show significant momentum.”
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