SEO in 2014   May 5th, 2014

 Well lot s thing change in SEO lately. Last year or so, to be able to keep our clients internet presence on solid foot, we have to make lot adjustments and new looks to the proces.

Smart Ad  was always  about doing white hat SEO, and we will continue to do so. It takes  for everything more times, but results are same. When you keep things to happen naturally, no problems at all.

Social media become  more important then ever. It give us new abilities to share and engage our blogs, posts, tweets to reach new audience, good one. Done with care and consistency  give us new channel for increasing leads to our clients.

There is  in short what is important now in 2014, and will be in future.

"Overall, all of the ranking factors boil down to quality, authority and trust. As search engines find new ways to collect data and become better at evaluating the data they already have, it makes a lot of sense that the algorithm will shift from easy-to-measure but less useful signals (like domain age or server location) toward more difficult to measure signals that are more telling (like visitor location and author trust).

For the last two years, we have been seeing that, thanks to Panda and Penguin, the search engines finally have teeth to put behind their policies and guidelines. Search engine optimization is no longer about technical tricks designed to outwit Google and Bing. It is about building an audience, earning trust, and publishing genuinely useful information that people want to consume."

Read more here - of page factors

And dont forget new tools

Facebook shares and likes
Twitter retweets
G+ shares and likes
Authority of the domain
Number of words on the page
Traffic of the website
Speed of loading the page
Low bounce rate (good usability)

On page seo its stil fundamental. If you learn your lesson right, stick to it.

No miracles no more  easy tricks to get you theer. Only HARD WORK.

Thats  why our clients pay as for.

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