Landing pages are the difference between you wasting money on clicks and you making money on clicks.

Landing pages

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Landing page importance

Landing page is the page on your web site ,where someone will lend when click on your ad. know that your landing pages are the difference between you wasting money on clicks and you making money on clicks.
The real value to the advertiser is not the click itself, but the action the user takes once they have arrived at your site. Targeting the user’s needs by directing them to the most relevant page on your site is a critical step in good PPC campaign management.

Pay Per Click advertising is most effective when used in conjunction with well-written and designed landing pages. These are pages created to target the subject of the ad the user clicked on. For example, if a user clicked on an ad about “office chair” the page they see on your site should relate to your services or products relating to office chair.

Build one ,it s wort money.This landing page can help your web site to obtain bether position on natural search.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Convert Clicks to Customers
Landing pages allow you to display content and pictures that are specific to your pay per click ads. Customers are more willing to stay at your Web site to browse or purchase if they see information that directly reflects the product, service, or information they read in your ads.

Increase Rank on Search Engine Sponsored Listings
Search engines determine if the content on your landing page is relevant to the copy in your PPC ad. This relevancy is then used in determining both the amount of the keyword cost and the location of your PPC ad on the search results page.

Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI)
Customers will be more willing to purchase if the page they land on reflects the same clear call to action as the PPC advertising they clicked on in the search results. Better clicks and higher conversions will give you a higher ROI for your ads.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the time a visitor spends on a Web site when coming from another destination on the Internet, such as a search engine. If customers leave immediately after clicking on your ad, the bounce rate will be high and you will loose potential sales.

Convert Traffic To Sales

Custom landing pages work to increase sales conversion by sending visitors directly to pages targeted to their needs.

Visitors on custom landing pages convert two to three times more often than visitors to generic Web pages.*

How it Works

Our professional designers build your landing pages to mimic your current Web site design.
Visitors click on your PPC ad and go directly to your custom-designed landing page advertising.
Visitors view content on your landing page that is related to the PPC ad and encourages them to buy.
Visitors click on the call to action and convert to buying customers!
We update your landing page content to reflect changes in your PPC ads when needed.



Landing page build up

$150.00 one-time setup
What's included:
Basic optimalization
Key words selection
Monthly refreshing