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Of all businesses that have a clear social media presence with dedicated platforms, 85% have experienced noticeable increase in market visibility.
Of all businesses which have been utilizing social platforms for business enhancement for a period of more than 3 years, 58% have registered increased sales and improved bottom line.

The Fantastic Five
There are dozens of social network channels out there in WWW and as a business; probably you won’t have enough time or resources to be in all of them. So here are the top 5 networks you can think of utilizing along with the benefits of doing so.
Facebook is currently the number one social network in the WWW and needs no introduction. As a business, you can create your own page on Facebook which potential customers and your regulars can follow. You can also assign a moderator to answer queries and provide business information. The page will function as an interactive version of the Yellow Pages listing.
Unlike facebook , you will have a limit to the number of characters you can use on Twitter (the current limit is 140 characters) but remember your tweets will have the biggest online audience possible. Twitter is ideal for releasing news bytes, info about new products launches, teasers of marketing activities and links to your website.
Google +, the new star in the world of social media presence have a unique feature to offer. It has an option called “Promote” by which you can selectively market your business offering to different groups (read market segments) in diverse customized ways. Google + also has an easy DIY tutorial which offers plenty of tips on how to use its features.
YouTube is again something that needs no introduction as it is the largest video sharing site in the world. As a business you can use YouTube to upload videos of your product launches or your marketing campaigns. If you are in a business, which has great visual scope like fashion or interior décor, You Tube can be your best friend.
Pinterest is another platform to look out for. Create your own pin board with interesting photos, teasers of your marketing campaign, promo contents and you have your own virtual bill board.

How social media can help ? We know .

Half Canadian population has Fecebook account. Google + are rising FAST. YouTube become esential tool. In 2011 82% of all companies are planning to incorporate social media into their marketing and PR plans.

A new study from the Marketing Executives Networking Group ( MENG)

Most marketers are still in the early or experimental phases of adopting and measuring social media.

The biggest barrier to success is a lack of knowledge on how to implement these new media activities.

What you wayting for. Jump in. We can help.

SM:ART Ad will implement right social media for your need.

When used effectively, Social Networks are great tools to use to spread a message to right audience.

Use Stumble, Digg, Facebook, Twiter to spread the message.

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